Startup Campus BME powered by Hiventures Program has been launched!

At the official kick-off press conference, we announced the start of our new project Startup Campus MBE powered by Hiventures, in cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics alongside with  Hiventures Venture Capitalist Fund.

Want to know how to create something great just from an idea? Take part in the 5 weeks long training sessions and start your own Startup!

Here you will get the possibility to learn the steps of creating your own company with the guidance of professional mentors and coaches. They will help you create a business and financial plan, plus at the very end of the sessions, you’ll get the possibility to pitch your idea in front of the Investment Board of Hiventures. Be one of the best teams, and win the 9 million HUF investment prize!

For further details and the application, link click here! 

Application deadline: 10. October 2018.

Startup Campus V4 Tour visited Tel Aviv

The Startup Campus V4 Global Tour to Tel Aviv from September 2-6, 2018 was held within the framework of the 2-day DLD Innovation festival (Sept. 5th and 6th). The tour consisted of workshops, B2B meetings, networking, pitching, in addition to historical sightseeing. Four Hungarian and one Polish startup in the field of Life Sciences and MedTech represented the V4 startup ecosystem including Vitrolink, Viola City, Innoria, DiabTrend, and Electron Square.

On the first official day of the tour, the startups visited Google Campus Tel Aviv to learn about the evaluation process of local MedTech investors, then traveled to Jerusalem where they explored the historical sites with the Diplomat for Cultural and Educational Affairs of the Embassy of Hungary in Tel Aviv, attended a networking event organized by the V4 diplomats, and met with OurCrowd Ltd. venture capital firm representative


The following day, the startups attended an Axis Corporate special edition of workshops and presentations held at the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv opened by the ambassador of Poland, followed by local innovation leaders from MagnaCarta Communications, OurCrowd Ltd venture partners, Applied Value Group, Bluechain Ventures, Axis Innovation, and the Institute of Venture and Global MBA at TAU who prepared the delegation for working with multinational corporations and doing business in the Israeli startup ecosystem.

The third day was spent at the DLD Innovation Festival, attended by 110 delegations from over 40 countries, over presenting 100 startups, and approximately 4,000 guests. At DLD, the startups participated in B2B meetings, networked, and attended panel discussions on a variety of topics, followed by an evening rooftop networking event at Mindpsace Tel Aviv organized by the V4 missions in order to build knowledge about opportunities between the V4 region and Isreal. The networking event commenced with opening remarks by the Ambassadors of Poland and Slovakia, CEO of Enterprise Hungary, the Federation of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, and more experts on cooperation prospects between CEE and Israel. 

The startups returned to the second day of the DLD festival for more B2B meetings and networking on the final day of the tour before returning to their respective home countries.

Hungarian Industry 4.0 startups introduced themselves at the annual venture forum in Baden-Württemberg

On the 23rd of July, the delegation of Startup Campus visited the „Industry 4.0 – Startups meet Hidden Champions” investor event, organized by Venture Forum Neckar. We were happy to provide 4 innovative Hungarian startups the chance to convince about 120 visitors, among them mainly investors and decision makers of local SMEs, of their technologies.

Bechtle AG, Germany’s largest independent IT systems integrator and Europe’s leading IT e-commerce provider, was kindly providing space for the conference and exhibition. Representatives from the sponsors Bosch and Sigloch joint the event to discuss the startups’ technologies and explore investment opportunities.

Altogether, 23 startups presented their solutions in form of 8-minute pitches, 90 seconds pitches. The members of the Startup Campus delegation were: Aeriu, the drone-software company for inventory management in big warehouses. AXS Motion System producing wearable technologies for industrial use, combined with an ergonomic evaluation system. Pozi.Tech who digitalize production and supply chain logistics processes by automatic real-time localization of production-related objects, and SFI Engineering who provide modularized automation solutions for car manufactures.

Startup Campus will launch its Industry 4.0 portfolio in September 2018, with a detailed 1-year business development program ensuring conditions for entry to the market and providing support for collaborations with German companies from the industrial sector.


Ungarische Industrie 4.0 Startups stellten ihre Technologien auf dem jährlichen Venture Forum in Baden-Württemberg vor.

Am 23. Juli besuchte die Delegation des Startup Campus die vom Venture Forum Neckar organisierte Investorenveranstaltung “Industry 4.0 – Startups meet Hidden Champions”. Wir gaben 4 innovativen ungarischen Startups die Chance, über 120 Besucher – darunter vor allem Investoren und Entscheidungsträger lokaler KMU – von ihren Technologien zu überzeugen.

Die Bechtle AG, Deutschlands größter unabhängiger IT-Systemintegrator und Europas führender E-Commerce-Anbieter, stellte freundlicherweise Raum für die Konferenz und die Ausstellung zur Verfügung. Vertreter der Sponsoren Bosch und Sigloch nahmen an der Veranstaltung teil, um die Technologien der Start-ups zu diskutieren und Investitionsmöglichkeiten zu erkunden.

Insgesamt präsentierten 23 Startups ihre Lösungen in Form von 8-Minuten-Pitches, 90-Sekunden-Pitches oder in der Ausstellungshalle. Die Mitglieder der Delegation des Startup Campus waren: Aeriu, das Drohnen-Software-Unternehmen für das Bestandsmanagement in großen Lagern. AXS Motion System produziert am Körper tragbare Technologien für den industriellen Einsatz, kombiniert mit einem ergonomischen Bewertungssystem. Pozi.Tech, die Produktions- und Lieferkettenlogistikprozesse durch automatische Echtzeitlokalisierung von Gütern digitalisieren, und SFI Engineering, die modulare Automatisierungslösungen für Automobilhersteller bereitstellen.

Startup Campus wird im September 2018 sein Industrie 4.0 Portfolio einführen. Ein detailliertes einjähriges Business-Development-Programm sichert die Voraussetzungen für den Marktzugang und unterstützt die Zusammenarbeit mit deutschen Unternehmen aus der Industrie 4.0.


Industrie 4.0 Startups Meet Hidden Champions Selection Day

On June 26th, 2018, the “Industrie 4.0 Startups Meet Hidden Champions Selection Day” was held at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. At the joint event of Startup Campus, which specializes in the international launch of innovative enterprises, and the Venture Forum Neckar investor group in Baden- Württemberg, the international large business segment was represented by General Electric Digital, and the domestic medium-sized company was represented by the Tungsram Group.

The aim of the “Industrie 4.0 Startups Meet Hidden Champions Selection Day” was to support the digital transformation of German small and medium-sized companies, which are the backbone of Germany. For this reason, SMEs seek worldwide innovations of the Industry 4.0 that will ensure the competitiveness of the SME sector in Germany.

Guests were welcomed by Dr. László György, State Secretary for Economic Strategy and Regulation from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. The audience then listened to speeches by Dr. Stefan Reineck, Chairman of the Venture Forum Neckar Investor Group, and Thomas Schulz, the Central Eastern European Network Manager of GE Digital.

The lineup of speakers continued with László Kovács, head of the BME I 4.0 Technological Center, and concluded with Joerg Bauer, CEO of the Tungsram Group, who gave a first-hand presentation on the digitalisation challenges faced by a medium-sized company.

The Startup Campus Industry 4.0 startup portfolio, including Aeriu, Haris Engineering, SFI engineering, and AXS motion system also introduced their ideas at the event.

All five of the startup teams were then invited to participate in the investor forum in Heilbronn on July 24th, 2018.

Following the event, Zoltán Galla, head of the Startup Campus Berlin program, stated, “We believe, that Hungarian innovative startups will be able to promote cooperation with the capital-strong German SME sector based on long-term partnerships, professionally prepared and with industry focus.

More pictures about the event here. 

The Startup Campus V4 Global Tour Halfway Point

From June 13th to the 15th, 2018, the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour arrived to London for its 5th destination within the framework of London Tech Week to promote the V4 startup ecosystem. Included in the global tour was the closing event of the Startup Campus London university incubation program, where the Hungarian student teams participating in the Spring semester of the training program introduced their innovative startup projects to a professional jury panel and audience.

Some of these young Hungarian diaspora living in London joined the global tour startups at the Business Breakfast held at the Hungarian Embassy on the first day of the tour, as well. At the breakfast, participants were introduced to incubators and investors, accompanied by international diplomats and the Ambassador of Hungary in London.

“In Istanbul, Berlin, New York, Boston and Vienna, we were able to strengthen the discoverability of the V4 countries and the region’s innovation ecosystem. London is Europe’s startup capital, so it was of paramount importance to host an official satellite event of London Tech Week, the UK’s largest technology conference,” said Zsolt Kovács, CEO of Enterprise Hungary, who initiated the Startup Campus program.

On the second day of the tour, Hungarian teams Bankzee and Trustchain, and Polish teams Transparent Data and the Cancer Center had the chance to visit the TechXLR8 London Tech Week anchor event, where Cancer Center had won the HackXLR8 competition on the previous day of the anchor event. Later that evening, young Hungarians living in London presented their innovative entrepreneurial ideas at the Demo Day event of the Startup Campus London Spring Semester. The professional jury chose the winner, Ecosync, a young team of engineers working in Oxford on energy developments.

The Global Tour’s closing event on Friday was organized on the 8th floor of the brand new MindSpace Shoreditch coworking space, where Fintech, Energy and Life Science startups demonstrated their business potential to a team of professional investors in the jury panel. The market opportunities of the Ecosync project were also validated here, as the team celebrated its second consecutive win, beating later stage startups at this event.

The jury panel, among others, included proponent of two major industry focuses of the tour, such as Triin Linamagi, head of the Startupbootcamp Fintech division, and founder and managing director of Sustainable Ventures, Andrew Wordsworth.

Launch your startup on the international market

Startup Campus offices opening in 7 destinations –  The purpose of the decentralized incubator network is to help mature startups to access international markets and to achieve global expansion. In addition to Budapest, the global program includes interconnected cities such as London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chengdu and Shenzhen, and more destinations coming soon.

The global program focuses on three key industries or technologies of the corresponding ecosystem in each city, led by a local team of professionals and partner network, which provides a local presence for startups. The main task of the bases is to offer personalized support for foreign market entry, with particular emphasis on their inclusion in the given ecosystem, by involving local investment, sales as well as relevant partner networks essential to their growth.

Quick fish eats big fish! This is one of the basics of our program. With the global network, we aim to accelerate the international validation and market acquisition of innovative businesses. One of the most important things in this competitive world of innovation is time and timing. With our program, we wish to provide an accelerated platform for startups and to help launch them into this global competition. “said Zsolt Kovács, managing director of Enteprise Hungary, the program.

Startup Campus Global Locations and Industry Focuses:

  • Berlin – Fintech, E-commerce, LifeSciences, Industry 4.0
  • Budapest – FinTech, CleanTech, E-Commerce
  • Chengdu – LifeSciences, Agri-Food Tech, Gaming
  • Hong Kong – Fintech, SmartCity, Blockchain
  • London – Fintech, CleanTech, Life Sciences
  • Shenzhen – SmartCity, LifeSciences, CleanTech / Energy
  • Singapore – FinTech, Big Data, IoT

The two main programs of Startup Campus Global – the three-stage Soft-Landing Program and the Business Validation Tour – provide a dedicated solution to the problems that a startup may face when entering the global market. The main aim of the programs is to build bridges between international markets and startup ecosystems and to facilitate the global expansion of startups.

The application is now open for all locations:


University innovations have also introduced themselves at the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour to Vienna

May 24-25, 2018 , the fourth destination of the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour, also marked the Startup Campus University Innovative Idea within the framework of the Pioneers Festival.

After Istanbul, Berlin and the USA East Coast tour, the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour, which supports the start-ups of the V4 region, arrived to the Austrian capital. This two-day event was opened by a business breakfast organized at the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna. In the morning, Czech Angee Technologies, Polish Agribot, Hungarian Greenfox Academy and the Austro-Hungarian Intellyo team participated in a V4 breakfast attended by Austrian investors and partners.


With the international programs of the Startup Campus, we wish to provide a trampoline for talented university students and startups. We promote the global discoverability of teams and our services encourage international validation and market access. It was an honor to have been a professional partner at the Pioneers Festival this year and to have provided opportunities for university students and regional startup teams.“- said Zsolt Kovács, CEO of Enterprise Hungary, the mother company of the Startup Campus program.

The Startup Campus University program overlapped with the fourth stop of the global tour , featuring the best 8 Central and Eastern European university startup teams who had their first opportunity to pitch to and receive constructive feedback from a professional jury.

The winning idea was the Romanian Xvision team, who specialize in the automatic detection of diseases in the human body through the smart analysis of medical X-rays.

After completing a 2day bootcamp in Budapest a few weeks prior to the Pioneers pitching event, the team continued to the incubation of 8 finalists, and the mature teams were able to begin to source funding and capitalize.

The Startup Campus V4 Global Tour will continue to its fifth stop in London, where Slovakian, Hungarian, Czech and Polish startups in the field of Energy, Fintech and Life Science will introduce their ideas within the framework of London Tech Week, in addition to participating in B2B meetings and networking events.

Startup Campus V4 Global Tour – USA

Between May 6th-13th, 2018, the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour journied across the United States East Coast. At the third destination of the tour, five Hungarian health care startups had the opportunity to validate themselves in the US market and to develop further cooperative relationships at various business-to-business meetings.

During this one-week business trip, startups presented themselves at the Foley and Lardner pitching and networking event in Boston, opened by Dr. László Szabó, Ambassador of Hungary in Washington D.C. In the following days, the teams visited the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), MIT’s Media Labs, and participated at another pitch tournament before a diverse group of health care, law and business professionals at the Quinnipiac University.

In New York City, the teams exhibited at TechDay NYC, one of the biggest tech events in the city, after which a musical chairs-style pitch program and networking event was held at the Hungarian Consulate General in New York City, where the teams met several local experts and gained valuable feedback and connections. At the last stop of the East Coast tour, they presented their innovations in Worcester, Massachussetts before the Hungarian Medical Association of America and received several invitations that would allow for further cooperation.

We see a lot of opportunities between local health and med tech startups and the ecosystem of the USA East coast. The week spent there has resulted in network growth, useful feedback, and startups have been given direct access to American partners. The outgoing startups introduced new perspectives in the USA that, based on experience, can leverage the acquisitions gained here and how to validate themselves in the US market.” said Sebastian Tamás, director of the Hungarian National Trading House, Innotrade program.

In the USA, 6 medtech / health care startups joined the tour; InSimu Patient, a patient-simulation application specially developed for professional use; Vitrolink, advanced technology solutions to assist the pathologist’s daily routine; MED3D, a surgical innovative education system that enables professionals to check the quality of the prepared sutures in detail, and Now Technologies Gyro smart tool that helps people with mobility impairments with headaches in communication and movement, as well as Promobox, with gift packs and information publications to help their mothers with their children. Notch, the first smartphone ready motion capture platform.

The next destintion of the global tour will be to Vienna within the framework of the Pioneers tech event, which will also mark the finals of the Startup Campus University – Innovative Idea Battle.

The region’s university startup ideas were competing

Between the 28th and 29th of April 2018, Startup Campus University – Innovative Idea Battle, two-day long event was held, where the region’s university innovations were competing. The best eight team won the chance to introduce themselves and compete further on the 25th of May at the Pioneers Festival, which is held in Vienna. Further, these eight teams also got one-step closer to win the 9 million Forint investment of Hiventures.

More than fifty university teams who had an innovative idea applied for the regional university idea competition. After the selection process sixteen teams were qualified for the semi-finals. The teams had various backgrounds, Austrian, Romanian, Croatian, Polish and Hungarian.

Talented young entrepreneurs are like a pair of shining eyes. They are the best investment in the future. The aim of Startup Campus University is to make the bright ideas of students from this region more discoverable, and to support them in becoming successful entrepreneurs. We work on making this programme the greatest student start-up competition and community in the region and in Europe in the next three years.” – said Zsolt Kovács, the CEO of Enterprise Hungary.

During the two-day long bootcamp students prepared for the competition with the help of mentors whom were professionals working in the industry.  The students reviewed with their mentors their Business Model Canvas, and by receiving constructive feedback, the candidates perfectionized their presentation.


The qualified teams had some truly unique innovations, such as supporting the studies and development of high-school students by using their app called Eddie, which converts 2D models on paper into 3D figures on the users’ phone. The team who represented Overace Tickets had another innovative idea, an app that sells tickets by data control, another team called Meta Flora, which creates healthy drinks that are tailored individually by analysing the buyers’ intestinal flora or TechSpesc, which provides online product support platform.

Furthermore, Xvision from Romania was also qualified for the semi-finals; the project’s aim is to discover on an x-ray any kind of disease automatically in the human body anywhere in the world, without the professional analysis of a doctor by checking the x-ray image. Similarly, Alive Maps was also one of the strongest candidates with its imaginative idea of creating an online map that measures the pollution/ life-quality of the areas.

Two teams came from Croatia who made it to the semi-finals as well; Agronaut, which aims to promote Eastern-European farmers on the greater market and Crustuli, a healthy and nutritious snack developed by young female students from the food-waste of the food-industry.

The finals are going to take place on the 25th of May in 2018, at the Pioneers start-up event in Vienna.

Check the vlog about the bootcamp here.

The Startup Campus V4 Global Tour Reached its Second Destination

The Startup Campus V4 Global Tour was held in Berlin on April 11 to 13, 2018, where participating startups attended and exhibited at the Startup Camp Belrin 2018 tech event, attended a business breakfast with Ambassadors of the V4 and introduced themselves at the Hungarian Embassy in Berlin before the German ecosystem representatives.

After Istanbul, the startups from the V4 countries were given the opportunity to test their ideas in the German capital. The main purpose of the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour is to boost the discoverability of the V4 startup ecosystem by introducing startups to international markets.

Over the last year, Hiventures has made more than 100 investments worth 6.7 billion HUF, making it the dominant state venture capital fund of the region. In the foreseeable future, the most important task is to promote the internationalization of the fund, while building up a network of partners that can help our next investment round and offer joint ventures with international partners. In this process, it is essential to support initiatives such as the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour. The Berlin event also demonstrated, that Hungarian and regional startups are already on the global market and there is a demand for their solutions and services. Based on Berlin’s investor and partner meetings, it can be stated, that Berlin and the German innovation ecosystem is the next best step for companies to enter the global market, which can greatly be helped by initiatives such as the Startup Campus program.” said Katona Bence, Deputy CEO of Hiventures.

At the event, Hungary was represented by an automated, self-developed influencer marketer system – Post for Rent – influencing marketer, Trustchain Systems – automated international trade insurance solution, Ordit – unique corporate meal management solution, and Kinepict – X-ray angiography imaging solution.

In addition to the 4 Hungarian startups, the new flatsharing app Naash, from the Czech Republic, Medvocation, a universal solution addresing healthcare recruiters and employers around the world from Poland and Voltia from Slovakia, which statup offers electric vans for city logistics also introduced themselves.

The next stop of the global tour program will be to the USA East Coast, to Boston, Connecticut and New York City, which is designated to innovative health care businesses. During this one-week tour, startups will visit Harvard and MIT’s innovation department, participate in one of New York’s prominent tech conferences, TechDay NYC, and tailor Business Meetings, and several pitching and networking events for validation opportunities in the USA.

Partners: V4 Connects, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Hiventures, Hungarian National Chamber of Commerce – Innotrade Program, EH Invest.