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Startup Campus offers a solution to the most significant issue of local start-up ecosystems, the need for the recruitment of new start-ups. Beyond the continuous provision of recruits, the program is capable of preparing start-ups for investments with its support services.


Mentoring and university events
Hungarian universities and research centres


Support of university teams
with business potential


Methodology based on European patterns.
Establishment of university knowledge transfer models.

Enterprise Hungary

The mission of Enterprise Hungary Nonprofit Ltd. (EH) is the development of the Hungarian innovation ecosystem (startups and spin-offs), and to encourage young people in becoming entrepreneurs. The prioritized goal of our organization is to catalyze the new generation of startups, for this purpose we pay special attention to increasing the willingness of young people to establish their own enterprises, supporting the development of enterprises from innovative ideas born in higher education and developing already established enterprises.



In Debrecen all necessary conditions are given to establish a successful international enterprise, a startup. One highlighted  quality of the city is that one of the largest research universities in Hungary is located here, with medical, IT, technological and business programmes, generating highly qualified workforce and innovative entrepreneurs.


The biggest strength of Győr is the synergy of the local industry and higher education, like the cooperation between István Széchenyi University and Audi, resulting in the “Audi Vehicle Engineering Faculty”. New Industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing and other types of innovations regularly show up at our local events.


Most enterprises, ready for incubation and many universities are located in the capital forming a strong business and knowledge centre. The Startup Campus program is coordinated from one of the largest incubation houses of the city, that also serves as a coworking office space.


In London, local Hungarian people between the age of 18 and 30, with entrepreneurial ambitions and ideas attend our events. In our program we aim at building relationships between Hungarian actors and young people living in the UK, and to channel the knowledge these students gathered abroad.

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Our goal at InCube is to assemble in a community all university students interested in making their own enterprises.

The DEViK Club launched with the mission of supporting the implementation of innovative ideas and presenting good practices from the entrepreneurial world.

Kairos Society is the global community of innovative, enterprising students. The goal of Kairos is to provide a solution to current global issues with the help of the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation.


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