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In 2018, Enterprise Hungary , is organizing the first university idea competition in the region in  collaboration with Hiventures. Startup Campus University offers students of 10 European countries the opportunity to present and validate their ideas in front of investors and market participants.

The aim of the initiative is to discover new, innovative ideas, to encourage entrepreneurship, to foster the emergence of innovative ideas from the university and to promote regional cooperation. Startup Campus University also aims to provide closer collaboration between large companies, universities and investors.

Ten to all university students with innovative entrepreneurial ideas or prototypes can take part in the program and complete their studies in the following countries: Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia.

Following the online application, 16 student teams selected by the professional jury will take part in a two-day preparation in Budapest, where the best 8 will be chosen to proceed to the finals in Vienna.


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The finalists will receive a 9 million HUF investment offer from the organizers and their partners and will participate in the Startup Campus summer incubation program. The winning team will receive an investment of up to 150 million HUF by the jury of international investors.



“If a student starts his or her own business while still completing their studies at university, they will be able ‘ahead of the game’ in the sense that it allows for the student to learn the fundamentals of such a wide range of professional and soft skills that one would typically only be able to achieve through a “traditional” work route, only years later.”


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Getting feedback on an idea or progression and consider them in a critical way is crucial for an early stage startup. All the further steps can be built upon this information. The most efficient opportunity for this is attending startup events, meet other startups and pitch the ideas to professionals.” –



“If your determination to turning an idea into reality is unshakeable, it is substantial to share it with others. Getting stuck in others’ minds helps you to climb up the hill. A well-organized startup event is a right place and time for doing it. “


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