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Innovative Idea Battle

In 2018, Enterprise Hungary , is organizing the first university idea competition in the region in  collaboration with Hiventures. Startup Campus University offers students of 10 European countries the opportunity to present and validate their ideas in front of investors and market participants.

The aim of the initiative is to discover new, innovative ideas, to encourage entrepreneurship, to foster the emergence of innovative ideas from the university and to promote regional cooperation. Startup Campus University also aims to provide closer collaboration between large companies, universities and investors.

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Between the 28th and 29th of April 2018, Startup Campus University – Innovative Idea Battle, two-day long event was held, where the region’s university innovations were competing. The best eight team won the chance to introduce themselves and compete further on the 25th of May at the Pioneers Festival, which is held in Vienna.


The qualified teams had some truly unique innovations, such as supporting the studies and development of high-school students by using their app called Eddie, which converts 2D models on paper into 3D figures on the users’ phone. The team who represented Overace Tickets had another innovative idea, an app that sells tickets by data control, another team called Meta Flora, which creates healthy drinks that are tailored individually by analysing the buyers’ intestinal flora or TechSpecs, which provides online product support platform.

Furthermore, Xvision from Romania was also qualified for the semi-finals; the project’s aim is to discover on an x-ray any kind of disease automatically in the human body anywhere in the world, without the professional analysis of a doctor by checking the x-ray image. Similarly, Alive Maps was also one of the strongest candidates with its imaginative idea of creating an online map that measures the pollution/ life-quality of the areas.

Two teams came from Croatia who made it to the semi-finals as well; Agronaut, which aims to promote Eastern-European farmers on the greater market and Crustuli, a healthy and nutritious snack developed by young female students from the food-waste of the food-industry.


Team Overace Tickets with their mentor, Richárd Illés (Hiventures).

Team Meta Flora

Teams Crustuli and Eddie with their mentor Zsolt Gémesi (EH Invest)

Teams XVision, Alive Maps, TechSpecs and their mentor Sebastian Tamas (Innotrade)

Team Agronaut with their mentor, Richárd Illés


May 24-25, 2018, the Startup Campus University Innovative Idea was held within the framework of the Pioneers Festival.

The winning idea was the Romanian Xvision team, who specialize in the automatic detection of diseases in the human body through the smart analysis of medical X-rays.

After completing a 2day bootcamp in Budapest a few weeks prior to the Pioneers pitching event, the team continued to the incubation of 8 finalists, and the mature teams were able to begin to source funding and capitalize.


Getting feedback on an idea or progression and consider them in a critical way is crucial for an early stage startup. All the further steps can be built upon this information. The most efficient opportunity for this is attending startup events, meet other startups and pitch the ideas to professionals.” –



“If your determination to turning an idea into reality is unshakeable, it is substantial to share it with others. Getting stuck in others’ minds helps you to climb up the hill. A well-organized startup event is a right place and time for doing it. “


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