Startups from the V4 region fought in a boxing ring –Startup Campus V4 Global Tour last stop in Budapest

On the 29th of November, the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour had reached its final stop. Within the framework of the Regional Startup and Innovation Day, this year for the fifth time the biggest startup pitch competition Get In the Ring! was organized in Hungary.

In February of 2018 our international program, Startup Campus V4 Global Tour was launched with 10 destinations. This program helped nearly 80 V4 Startup companies to get to know such startup ecosystems as New York, London, Tel-Aviv, Istanbul and so on.

The last stop was organized within the frameworks of Startup and Innovation Day. This evening more than 600 ecosystem players, such as angel/venture capital/ corporate investors, startups, international corporate partners took part. The whole night long program kicked off with the Startup and Innovation Award of Hungary, where four winners were announced in four categories.

After a short and refreshing break, the event continued with the V4 regions hottest pitch competition Get in The Ring! V4 Budapest. Get in the Ring is a Global Pitch Competition that invites founders from over 100 countries to pitch their solutions against their opponents in the ring. Get in the Ring! is different from any other startup pitching competition. Pitching in the ring creates an undeniable competitive electricity which means founders are forced to up their game and give a pitch they are proud of. Each round concentrate on a specific topic thus providing crucial information about the startups and prove to the jury why they are the best investment.

This year’s corporate partner of Get In the Ring! V4 Budapest was Hungary’s largest and renowned lighting electronics manufacturer, named Tungsram (est.1896.). Tungsram’s heritage is Innovation thus they were looking for the V4 regions best Smart City and Agritech startup ideas. During the event, Tungsram revers-pitched its needs to which the best 4 finalist startup pitched their solutions.

“In Collaboration with Tungsram we addressed the V4 regions best startup companies. The aim of the event was to boost and help Tungsrams innovational process by providing the best AgriTech and SmartCIty solutions of the V4 countries. This event also represented the last station of Startup Campus V4 Global Tour. Alongside with our professional partners, V4’s Hungarian presidency, Hiventures, and HEPA we were able to provide the possibility of International validation and introduction to 80 startups in 10 international startup ecosystems.”  – stated Zsolt Kovács, the managing director of Startups Campus and CEO of Enterprise Hungary

On the 28th of November at the Hungarian Head Quarters of Tungsram Group, eleven V4 region semi-finalist startups got to spend a day with the Tungsram board members and mentors from Startup Campus, NEO Trade and Rocket Shepherd. Here they worked on their pitch techniques. Later during the afternoon, the 4 finalists were chosen who the next day stepped into the ring to fight the final battle.


On the 29th of November 2018. the grand final took place where the two winners were announced: the Hungarian Gremon Systems – AgriTech category and the Czech Indoorway – SmartCity category. They won the golden ticket to Get In The Ring 2019 Global Final and shortly will be starting a co-operation with Tungsram!

The Jury members were the following: Joerg Bauer the President and CEO of Tungsram, Jakub Miller the CEO of InnoEnergy Central Europe, Bence Katona the Deputy CEO of Hiventures, József Szőke the Head of Customer Value Management at Vodafone and Alex Zhigarev the partner of Speedinvest.

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The Get In the Ring! V4 Budapest project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

Partners: Visegrádi Csoport Magyar Elnöksége, Hiventures, Visegrad Fund, InnoEnergy, Rocket Shepherd, HEPA, Startup Campus