We launched our newest project called Startup Campus High School

Through this, we aim to reach out to teens between the age of 14 to 18. We believe that to build a strong startup ecosystem in Hungary, we need to create a firm foundation and a creative and young generation which knows what it means to be a startupper and has the right mindset and motivation to start Her/His own startup!  

So, with this goal, we decided to visit a High School each month in Budapest or Debrecen to hold 1/1.5-hour long introduction sessions at each. During these, we introduce the teens to the basics of what they need to know about startups and what it means to participate in the startup ecosystem. 

Our first stop was at Lauder Jave Community High School in Budapest, where three of our colleagues and one startupper from our portfolio startups shared their experiences and answered the student’s great questions. We hope that the further stops of our tour will be as inspiring and useful as this one was.